About Bo-An

Bo-An Dialysis Clinic, situated in down-town Taipei, is the first of its kind equipped with Fresenius® 5008s HDF CorDiax® HemoDialysis Machines in northern Taiwan.

Our water treatment system is featured by Fresenius® AquaBplus® series, including a Double Pass Reverse Osmosis System and an automated hot disinfection device.

We use Fresenius® FX-Cordiax® dialyzers, which are known to have highest sieving of β2-microglobulin among similar products.

We also try our best to fight the air pollution by continuous real-time monitoring of the particulate matter and carbon dioxide.

During the treatment, there is always a dialysis physician on site. The dialysis physician is also the medical director of the clinic. The patient-to-nurse ratio is strictly maintained below 5. Ours registered nurses have more than 10 years’ experience in chronic hemodialysis.

You can reach us via the following contact details.